On May 10th, 2021, African Excellence Awards, 4th edition, organized by MEA market, Quizac was awarded “The Most Innovative Gamification Platform of the Year”. This definitely brought excitement and energy to the team as well validates our approach to learning. But in the midst of the euphoria, the real question we asked ourselves was “Are we truly innovative”?

Before I answer that question, let’s pause for a second and switch context to the popular formula one sport. If you aren’t familiar with formula 1 like me, let me help you with some google explanation.

"Failure is a stepping stone to success".

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count".

"Behind every successful person lies many failures".

The motivational quote on failure goes on and on...

Admit it, you hate failure. I hate it too, everyone does hate failure.

But you know the truth? You’ll fail more often than you’ll win.

So, how should you handle them? How should you de-catastrophize the catastrophe of failure? Follow me on this, let’s discuss.

When I was young, up to my 300L, I used to tell my friends I’m just…

Last week, a friend called and told me about a serious dispute she had with someone. From our discussion, I empathized and I found out the issue could really sore their relationship. So, I asked her what she’s done about it. She told me they’re good, they’ve sorted it. Hmmm… In my mind, I know those sorts of solutions, they mostly happen because we want to be free and just let go. However, they result in creating a wider distance that kills intimacy and breaks communication in a relationship.

So, I went ahead and told her a short story about…

Officially finished my third book of the year and this one is on Leadership.

Not a book precisely, but research into the history of some of the world’s renowned leaders who brought their seat to the table, rather than inherit it.

Firstly, let me say that It burns my heart when I see corporate organizations, in an attempt to groom leaders, bombard everyone with 10hours of leadership principles and tactics that do nothing but get almost everyone bored and uninterested. …

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As one of our major goals with every project we execute, we always strive to achieve results in different and better ways. When working on complex projects, and as a major architectural pattern of software development, we maintain a restful service-based endpoint which every tier of our product development relies on data entry…

Repository+UnitOfWork With Focus on Atomicity. Building Software With The Right Design Pattern.

Sometimes ago, I was reading an article on what makes a senior developer different from an intermediate and junior ones, while the article stretches the fact that Senior Developers don’t think in terms of individual classes, methods, functions or low-level technical particulars, they think in terms of object oriented and application design patterns. I strongly believe in addition that the leap to moving up the developer rank is predicated on the tendency to keep asking yourself questions. Yes, you were able to make faster that response time but…

Culture is the total way of life. This definition of culture has ever stuck with me since the early days and I will be pardoned to say the same for most people reading this. I’ll also be pardoned to say much of its significance and relevance were abstract even till today.

To understand the power of culture, consider the relationship between a potter and clay. People are the clay and culture is the potter. It molds us with or without our intention. The hierarchical effect of culture tends to heat up as we move from countries to states to cities…

Every day, 3 things beep in our heart @Quizacapp

  1. How can we prolong the rate of retention for every student?
  2. How can we do it in a fun and exciting way?
  3. How can we replicate every Quizac success in the classroom?

Learning is laborious and sometimes even boring. Most especially, in the part of the world where I found myself. In Nigeria, your right to quality education comes at the demand for its success, no matter the learning environment or the means of learning. Failure is not a choice. However, despite the undying effort of most students to achieve academic…

There’s a popular saying that goes “When you look through the windows of America, you only see the problems of America and when you look through the window of Africa, you only see the problem of Africa”. I schooled all my life in Nigeria, so, it was easy to conceive ideas that will alleviate education issues having escaped the pain of the unfairness of the education system in my country.

In May 2016, Quizac idea together with other education idea was birthed by a group of young graduates with the same vision, provide a solution that will tackle one of…

I too always wondered what exactly the startup term PMF means. I read a lot of articles with the buzz word always popping. I somehow got over this but I know I wasn’t alone so I thought about writing this short thread to explain PMF in a way almost anyone, even a non-business person, will understand. So, here we go.

Tade Samson

CEO/Co-Founder @QuizacApp. Innovation Catalyst @thribyte. Talk Business in the day, speak codes at night. An optimist, finding the path to becoming a visionary.

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